YouTube Comment Finder | How To Find Someone’s Comments On YouTube [Best Guide ]


YouTube Comment Finder: In this article, we can talk about How To Find Someone’s Comments On YouTube,  especially for your YouTube channel & how to search for YouTube, if you have a busy YouTube channel, so it’s hard to engage with your subscriber in real-time , so here we find YouTube Comment Finder.

So here discuss all How To Find Someone’s Comments On YouTube, YouTube First comment, YouTube Comments History with the help of YouTube Comment Finder.

What Is YouTube Comment Finder?

YouTube Comment Finder is a process to find someone’s comment on your YouTube channel, it’s hard to engage with a subscriber if you have a busy YouTube channel so we have to find youtube comments with keywords and you see easily all the comments someone has made on youtube.

You can Find YouTube Comment with google chrome extension and also you can view all the YouTube comments by the user.

Search Comments On YouTube 

So here we discuss a traditional way to Search Comments On YouTube, it is simply but too much effective as well, its a keyword search with ctrl+f, native search to find someone’s comments on youtube.this is the first solution to find comments on YouTube and we discuss the second strategy to see all the comments someone has made on youtube.

Free Tools To Search Comments On YouTube

This is the second method to find comments or comments history on your YouTube channel, this is the most effective and easy method to engage with your subscriber and followers to find comments in the real-time.

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So Kindly Follow all these steps we discuss here to find  YouTube comment history and free tools to search comments on YouTube.

First Step: Firstly you have to create an account with Comment Picker & Juphy.

Second Step: It’s easy to create account and it’s free also.

Search YouTube Comments Using Google Chrome extension

The Google Chrome extension helps you to search for comments on YouTube with chrome extension, in this, you can search Upto 100 comments on YouTube and you can search in a specific video, not all the videos.

So kindly follow all the steps and we discuss how to use Google Chrome extension to find YouTube Comments.

First Step: Firstly visit the Google Chrome browser and search for Comments Search for YouTube

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Second Step: You need to be singing in your google account as well as YouTube account when Comments Search for YouTube.

Third Step: Now Add the Google Chrome extension in your PC.

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Fourth Step: Now open your Youtube video and click (CTRL+S) and some popup show on your screen.

Fifth Step: Now using ctrl+f key you can find comments.

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