Why is David Lloyd Walther Arrested? A pastor in Texas arrested over child pornography allegations

On Thursday FBI arrested a pastor in Texas for child pornography. The pastor is identified as David Lloyd Walther. 

Who is David Lloyd Walther?

David Lloyd Walther is a former Baptist church pastor in Texas who was detained for child pornography allegations. 

Why is David Lloyd Walther arrested?

According to the reports, David Lloyd allegedly downloaded, shared, and possessed child pornography. It was reported that he would share it through BitTorrent.

Authorities state that they were able to trace the downloads through the IP address, which was connected to the pastor’s church. According to the sources, the authorities found child pornography being downloaded and was able to obtain the IP address through BitTorrent on September 18. And on October, they were able to get the information about the person who downloaded child pornography which turned out to be Walthers, and on 9th November, the authorities executed search warrants at Walthers’s home 

When the police searched his house, they found computer hard drives filled with child pornography, and he was arrested on Thursdays. 

According to the sources, the pastor had a BDSM folder that contained an image of a naked boy with a collar and various images of young naked kids tied with ropes anstolis. Another disturbing folder called zoo which contained a Beastiality video of a dog and a child who is likely less than three years old

According to David, he would find himself guilty after downloading child pornography and later delete the pictures and files. According to the bis statement, the children were aged between 8 and 17 years. He stated that he did not know he was sharing child pornography through BitTorrent and apologized for his actions. 

According to the sources, if he were found guilty, he would be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. He is currently being prosecuted in the Western District of Texas. 

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