Why is Camille Vasquez trending? She is handling the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard court case

Camille Vasquez has been in the limelight ever since she took the defamation case of her high-profile client, Johnny Depp. She has garnered all the world’s attention for her gorgeous look and brilliant mind. She presents challenging questions to rival candidate Amber Heard and lavishes affection on Johnny Depp. Netizens are smitten with her.

Camille Vasquez has risen in popularity this week as users keep an eye on how
she is handling the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard court case.

It is amazing to see that Vasquez and Depp act so relaxed during court proceedings, while Amber Heard and her lawyer always appear tense.
Recently Vasquez was hugging Depp after winning an argument.
Although Depp fans thoroughly investigate each greeting and make contact, their relationship is strictly professional – and Vasquez is in a relationship.

Camille Vasquez Latest News

Vasquez caused a stir today after ferocious cross-examination of Heard, that Heard had been making comparisons between humans and ships.

“The iceberg is you, in this analogy, Miss Heard?” Vasquez interrogated Amber Heard; however, she refused to answer.


Her ex-husband Johnny Depp filed the defamation suit following his loss in the Heard domestic violence case. Vasquez questioned Amber Heard about the content of her op-ed and if it was reflective of Johnny Depp. According to Amber Heard: “It’s about me. It’s about what happened to me after Johnny. It’s about what happened to me after I escaped my marriage. It’s about me and my life and what I endured once I moved on and got a TRO and moved on with my life. It was about what happened to me after. The only one who made it about him, ironically, was Johnny.”
Following the filing of a divorce petition, She stated once more: “It (her op-ed) is not about him (Depp).”
Johnny Depp, on the other hand, alleged that Amber Heard wanted to see him. During the trial, Depp described their conversation in San Francisco, which occurred after the TRO was filed. Depp stated: “We went to a hotel room so we could finish the discussion that she wanted to have with me.”Read Also – Amber Heard rejects Johnny Depp evidence and treats photos