Why High Click Rate Is Important For Professional E-Sports Gaming

E-Sports Gaming:- Competitive gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in history, with millions of fans traveling to stadiums each year to see their favorite players compete in their favorite games. While many people believe that professional gaming merely requires a lot of in-game experience and devotion to play, the reality is far more complicated.

Many professional E-Sports Gaming necessitate not only devotion but also a variety of talents in order to stay relevant in the professional gaming market. One of the most important of these abilities is a high click per second rate, also known as CPS rate, which is especially important in games that need a lot of mouse clicks. This article will explain why a high click rate is essential for professional gaming.

Most Games Require A High Click Speed

There are a slew of games that profit greatly from a high click-per-second rate. Minecraft is the most well-known of these games. In PvP servers and bedwar servers, Minecraft has a thriving competitive gaming culture.

Starfield 2 is another popular competitive game that necessitates a fast click speed. Players in Starfield 2 must have a high APM (actions per minute) rate, which includes both keyboard and mouse action. The mouse is very important in the game’s success, and a fast click speed can instantaneously determine which player wins the match and who does not. CS:GO, Rocket League, Dota 2, The Witcher 3, and Final Fantasy are some of the other games that require a fast click speed.

High Click Rate Is A Big Investment

Players invest hundreds of dollars on the greatest gaming mouse hardware to ensure that they obtain the proper quantity of clicks every time they play a competitive game.

Many professional players devote time to exercising their fingers in order to get the highest potential click per second rate. There have been situations where two opposing players possessed identical skills and in-game advantages, yet one emerged victorious due to a rapid click speed while playing the game.

A click rate of 12 or higher is common among the world’s top competitive players. To put that in context, most average players have a click rate of only 5-6 percent.

Benefits of Having High Click Speed

In games, a fast click speed can directly improve your APM, which is especially important in real-time strategy games where you must control every single element. When utilizing single fire weaponry like pistols and shotguns in Esports FPS games like CS:GO and Valorant, clicking quickly lets you empty your magazine faster. In games like League of Legends and Dota 2, the faster you can click, the better your character will be able to move around the map. This is critical in movement management because it is more difficult and time-consuming to correct your movement with sluggish clicks.

Using CPS Tests

Because sluggish clicks can often lead you in the wrong place, most players maintain their click speed with a CPS tester. A click per second test is an excellent way to see how quickly you can click your mouse or trackpad. A cps tester can be used for training and to see how far you’ve progressed with each practice.

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