What’s the science behind solar eclipse? Check facts & information

The solar eclipse is a rare terrestrial phenomenon that attracts many curious minds across the world. In the ancient times, the sudden darkening of the sun was seen as a signal of the displeasure of the gods or an omen of bad things to come, however, after the astronomers discovered how solar eclipses worked, the event becomes a celebration of witnessing this rare phenomenon.

What is a solar eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when one moon or planet moves into the shadow of each other. When the moon moves between the sun and Earth blocking the light of the sun from reaching Earth then the phenomenon is called a solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth.

Types of solar eclipses

Total solar eclipse

During a total solar eclipse, the sky becomes very dark, as if it were night. For a total eclipse to take place, the sun, moon and Earth must be in a direct line.

Partial solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and Earth are not exactly lined up. The sun appears to have a dark shadow on only a small part of its surface.

Annular solar eclipse

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is farthest from Earth and hence seems smaller. During an annular eclipse, the moon in front of the sun and looks like a dark disk on top of a larger sun-coloured disk. This creates what looks like a ring around the moon.

Frequency of solar eclipse

Solar eclipses happen once every 18 months and only last for a few minutes.

How to watch the solar eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, you should never look at the sun or sky with naked eyes. It can permanently damage your eyes. It’s advised to use proper safety equipment to look at any type of solar eclipse.

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