What happened to Rozana Sani? Former NST Employee, Rozana Sani, dies at 53

The words of writers and authors will always remain on the earth even after death. The editor brings those writings to the perfect form in the frame. What if the person in a systematic order is missing? Will the work be done properly? What if the person in that tree dies? Everything collapses. 

Every position of life on this earth is important to do. Nobody can fill the place occupied by others. Seeing talented and unique personalities dying from the earth is a severe loss. 

One such heartbreaking news is about the death of Rozana Sani, who was an editor, translator and several roles.

Who is Rozana Sani? 

She is the former Associate Editor for the New Straits Times Rozana Sani. She is also a freelance writer and editor and was a certified translator after her retirement. She started her career as a technology journalist for the company in 1994 and joined the education vertical in 2014.

What happened to Rozana Sani?

Unfortunately, an efficient writer and editor passed away at 53 this morning on October 20, 2022. She had left her husband and two children alone. According to the sources received, the cause of her death was cancer. And it was announced that she would be buried with all the formalities done today afternoon in Cheras, Alam Damai Muslim cemetery. 

Hearing news of her death, her near and family friends are sending their condolences. They are sharing their memories with her and how she was during her work. 

A well-determined and strong lady who wrote and edited so many words is no more with us. Not only will her family miss her, but her fans and friends will also miss her. She will always be remembered in her words and writings.

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