What happened to Karen Sinders? Principal of Lufkin Road middle school Karen Sinders passes away at the age of 62 

Sad time for Lufkin Road middle school as their principal passed away on November 21. She was 62 years at the time of her demise. 

Who is Karen Sinders?

On November 15 in Madison, Karen Sinders was born to Paul Jo and Janet Brawner. She received her bachelor’s degree from N.C state university with a degree in marketing education and her master’s degree from Indiana University. 

Before working as a principal, she was an attendance clerk at Apex High school. 

Later she worked as a business teacher at Southwestern Jefferson, a Junior senior high school in Hanover and as an assistant principal and principal at Madison junior high school. For the last ten years, she has worked as the principal at Lufkin Road Middle school. 

Sadly on November 21, she passed away at the age of 62. She was survived by her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her parents and her brothers. 

What happened to Karen Sinders?

 The principal of Lufkin Middle school passed away on November 21. The cause of her death is not known. 

The unexpected death of Karen saddens many who have paid their respects and condolences to her friends and family. 

How did Karen Sinders die?

There is no information regarding the nature of Karen Sinders death, Who passed away on Monday. 

Cause of Karen Sinders death?

 The cause behind Karen Sinder’s death is not known. She passed away on November 21.

Karen Sinders Obituary:

 The funeral of Karen will take place on November 27 at Summit Church in Apex, NC, at 2 PM, followed by a celebration of life at the same church at 5 PM.

All those who would like to donate in memory of Karen can donate to the Apex Education Foundation. 

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