What happened to Joana Luna? Joanna Luna Albert missing alert

Joanna Luna Albert missing alert

Once again, a crime happened; the case is about Joana Luna. A 13-year-old girl had been missing. All her family members have tried to search for her, but every time they failed. The Texas police department is investigating the missing child case, and they have even searched for the child. Let us see all the details about how Joana Luna went missing and what conspiracy is being played behind her missing.

A missing case of Joana Luna:

Joana Luna missing case amber alert happened on Sunday, which was on 6th November. When her family registered the missing report at that time, only the Texas police department started an amber alert to find the child being kidnapped from San Antonio. The missing girl incident happened two months before the amber alert was launched. 

Texas police have even identified the main suspect behind the kidnapping case. He is 17 years old, and his name is Richard Xavier Rodriguez. Police even suspected that Richard drove the truck where Joana was kidnapped, and the number plate was AE44935. She was kidnapped in Arizona. 

What happened to Joana Luna?

A 13-year-old girl, Joana Luna, was kidnapped, and the suspected person was Richard, who was shown driving the truck. In the amber alert launched by Texas Police, they noted all the details about the child. Luna is 110 pounds, 5 inches tall, 5 feet, and has brown eyes and hair. 

She was last seen before 3 pm on 20th August, and after that, she was never seen again. When the kidnapping happened, she was wearing a dark grey T-shirt and black and pink night shorts. All the details were given in the Amber alert. Not only this, police have even elaborated on all the details about the suspect person and his age. 

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