What happened to Jeanluke Galea Duca? 28-year-old healthy man dies suddenly after four months of marriage

On Tuesday, Jeanluke Galea Duca, a 28-year man, died suddenly after four months of marriage. The death of Jeanluke shocked his family and friends. The cause of his sudden death is not known. 

What happened to Jeanluke Galea Duca?

According to his wife Rebecca, on Tuesday morning, Jean asked him to stay for a little while, but since she had work, she had to leave that morning, and they bid goodbye. But she was unaware that this would be her last goodbye to her husband. 

 She tried to reach Jeanluke, who was working from home, and after not getting any response from her husband, Rebecca and her father went to check on him but found him dead.

Jeanluke and Rebecca got married on June 18, just four months before Jean’s death. Jean recently turned 28 years on October 9.

The sudden death of a healthy man:

The news of Jealuke Galeas’s death shocked many of his family and friends as he was a healthy man with no illness. According to one of his friends, Jean was healthy, didn’t smoke, and exercised regularly. 

His friends remembered him as a kind-hearted, mature and energetic man.

Tributes are being paid to Jean, and many have expressed their deep sadness and sympathy towards Rebecca, who now is a widow just after four months of marriage.

 Jean luke Cause of death:

The cause of his death is yet to be investigated. As of now, the nature of his death is not known. The postmortem of Jeanluke is scheduled for Thursday, October 20. According to the sources, there is no involvement of a third party, and his death can be a natural cause. However, the cause is yet to be confirmed after postpartum.

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