VP expresses anguish over atrocities against women

HYDERABAD: Vice President of Indian M Venkaiah Naidu expresses concern over the disturbing incidents of atrocities against women and said it was the time for whole to introspect and ponder over the erosion of values. Society to ensure that Indian values and culture of respecting women.

Addressing the valedictory function of the 94th Foundation Course of the officers of the All India Services and Central Civil Services at the Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resources Development Institute (MCRHRDI) in Hyderabad on Friday, Naidu expressed elders and all fellow human beings were restored. He also called for collective efforts of the society to restore Indian values and culture of respecting women, elders and all fellow elders.

Expressing anguish over the recent incidences of rape and violence against women in Hyderabad, Unnao and other parts of the country. He opined that bringing a new bill or changing the act was not the only solution. He stressed the need to implement existing provisions by exercising the political will and administrative skill to eradicate evils in the society.

Naidu advised police departments to be prompt in ensuring that every complaint or grievances brought to their notice was registered. He stressed the need to conclude inquiry, prosecution, and trial in a time bound manner to make sure that the justice was delivered on time. He said there must be both “fear and respect” for the law of the land.

Naidu also asked teachers and educational Institutes to teach children to respect all elders, women and learn cultural ethos, values of Indian civilization as part of their education.

Stating that the pace with which India would progress largely determined by how efficiently the officers manage and deliver critical development projects, the vice president stressed that the most important role of translating “Swarajya” to “Surajya” was at the hands of officers. He stressed that it would be possible only if governance became corruption free, citizen-centric and business-friendly.

The Vice President asked civil servants and officers to ensure that policy interventions of governments were translated into tangible outcomes at the grassroots level. He urged them to strive hard to create a society where all citizens enjoy equal opportunity and fruits of development reach the most deserving section of society.

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