UVA Massacre Suspect case gets more depth; the Father of a survivor in the case opens more details

It is God who created us. Therefore, God has the right to take the life of anyone on earth. Other than him, no one can take that right and take the lives of others. But nowadays, the humanity and moral things to be followed are decreasing. 

Humans are taking other lives by killing them or fighting with them in the name of revenge, etc. How cruel it is! How did a human get the right to do such immoral things?

One such incident is the University of Virginia Massacre, where many twists and turns are getting to light about the incident and the suspect. 

UVA Massacre incident:

The incident happened a few months back and created a lot of twists and shocking surprises for everyone. And the case is getting deeper with a lot of investigation. 

The incident is that, according to the police reports, a student of the University of Virginia had killed three football players and had created wounds and injuries to others in a mass shooting on the school’s main campus. This incident created a lot of scarcity among the parents and the cruelty of the act. 

Who is Christopher Jones Jr?

Since the case got more intense, the police, with a lot of evidence and search, had found the suspect might be one of the students of the University of Virginia,  Christopher Jones Jr. 

Still, the parents of the survivor in the incident say that he had come or returned to the spot after the football players had left the place. 

In their statement, the President of the University of Virginia says that Christopher Jones Jr is a student of our University. Many conversations are making the case details more difficult, and the police are still in vain. 

I hope the police find the cause soon! 

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