Urvashi Chudawala gets support from TISS

MUMBAI: Representatives from the TISS came out in support of Urvashi Chudawala in a statement. They demanded dropping off the case filed against Chudawala and other students. The institute’s students’ union claimed that Urvashi had even read the preamble of the Indian Constitution, which was witnessed by the people present at Azad Maidan during the Pride gathering, thereby negating all claims of her being an anti-national.

The union condemned the maligning of the institute and the students for participating in protest and rallies, which is a right given by the Constitution. They said that a Supreme Court judgment held that only raising slogans cannot constitute sedition unless there is an implicit threat of violence. “Using these charges to curb the dissenting voices of the oppressed is highly condemnable,” they said in the statement. On February 2, an FIR with charges of sedition was lodged against Chudawala for raising slogans at Azad Maidan.

They claimed that the case filed against the students are politically motivated and that BJP is trying to play with their education, career and future. “We vehemently condemn the political persecution of a young trans student who has been targeted and outed on national media. Such kind of targeting of trans students also amounts to hate crime,” said the students.

The students condemned the media for not taking any steps to protect the identity of queer individuals in the material being shared on social media. They urged the students’ community and the civil rights’ activists to come out in their support.

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