UoM will set up first national data base on social exclusion

MYSURU: The first national online repository and database for exclusion and inclusive research is coming up in the University of Mysore (UoM). UoM VC G Hemantha Kumar described that it will be a new addition to the achievements of the University and expected to contribute a lot towards social science research. This online repository is coming up in the Centre for the study of social exclusion and inclusive policy (CSSEIP) of the university.

DC Nanjunda, Acting Director, CSSEIP informed that social exclusion is a multidimensional phenomenon of a progressive social break-up or separating from the groups, or people intentionally pushed back from social networks and institutions from the active participation in the prescribed societal activities. “Unless achieving the inclusion society the phrase of Millennium development goal as no meaning. To bring the inclusion society policymakers need a strong database. Keeping this in mind, the University for the first time in the country is developing this national repository and database for exclusion and inclusive research(online),” he explained.

According to Nanjunda, the major aim and objective of this new database are to bring all sorts of research on exclusion and impressive shoes under a common roof so that required data and information will be available for the researches and a government for active policymakers focusing on marginalized sections of the society. This will be purely online and will be available on the official website of the University of Mysore shortly. “This will be purely for non-commercial and knowledge enhancement and public interest only,” he explained.

“In the first stage, it is planned to bring all kinds of researches going on in 35 social exclusion research centers across the country to our repository after clearing all kinds of copyrights issues (if any). Later on, this program will be spread to the other University departments in the country working on exclusion issues if they were voluntarily ready to upload their findings on this website. Shortly we will send seeking expression of interest to all social exclusion researchers and institutions to participate in this venture,” he said.

“This database has been created just to disseminate the knowledge for the betterment of the marginalized people and society. Only pure academic articles project reports will be entertained. Academician’s researchers working exclusively on Exclusion and inclusive issues can send their articles/ project reports/ monograph/ occasional papers etc to be uploaded into the said repository in the database. Preference will be given to the faculties from the center for the study of social exclusion and inclusive policies working across the different Universities in India,” said VG Sidda Raju, Associate Professor and PT Dinesh, Assistant Profesor who is coordinating and managing the data base.

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