Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 6 Review, Here is what to expect

Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 6 Review – The latest episode of the trending show Under the banner of heaven season 1 has premiered on Hulu. Before the release of the season final, here we are to explain to you what to expect in episode 6.

The latest episode of Under the Banner of heaven is filled with Revelation, so here is a review of the new episode:

Episode 6 has been named Revelation. In this chapter, you will learn more about Brenda’s life due to some letters written by her sister that give insight into her life journey. Ron domestically violated Dianna. Bernard plays a crucial part in the investigation and reveals deep secrets, such as the school of Prophets. There is more to be revealed about Dan and Ron. Ron wants his family back. When the two detectives are searching for more pieces of evidence about Brenda’s and her daughter’s death, they end up in Ron’s house.

Is this episode different from the previous episodes of Under the Banner Season 1?

The thing that makes this episode different is that it focuses on many characters at once. Also, you will see various revelations happening. Brenda’s sister reveals that she and Allen decide to meet in a crush to resolve their issues but appeal for a divorce. The church doesn’t accept Brenda’s request for divorce; they send her back to Allen’s and on a mission where she meets Ron and Dan. In this episode, the focus shifts between Dan, Ron, Brenda, and Erica. 

The loving relationship between Brenda and Allen has turned into a distant, strained one. Onais, Ron’s brother, becomes an important part of Pyre and Taba’s case. No matter how much Brenda tries to break free, the outside powers pull her back. This shows the broken system of the church. The episode has been rightly named Revelation as there are many revelations. 

The end scene gave horrifying vibes as Tada met Prophet Onias; watchers are excited to see what he’ll end next between them. Also, Pyre’s character development is shown in this episode. Only one episode is left for this season to an end; still, many revelations are yet to be done. You will see a balance of flashbacks and present scenes in this particular episode.

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