UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021 – UG Students

UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021 – UG Students

University Grants Council (UGC) has implemented a new scheme which name is Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021. In UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme all the fears of students and insecurities will be eradicated. UGC has introduced a life skills scheme for graduate students in universities and colleges. In this article, students can get the complete information about the life skills scheme, so read this article carefully.

UGC Life Skills Curriculum (Jeevan Kaushal) – Introduction

Union Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has given complete information about UG Jeevan Kaushal Scheme. This scheme is implemented to overcome the confidence and fear of students. In life skills curriculum, students will learn about communication skills, business skills, leadership and management skills, and universal human values. University Grants Council (UGC) has asked all colleges to add the introduction course to their curriculum.

Jeevan Kaushal Programme For Under Graduate – Objective of Life Skill Scheme

The main objective of this Jeevan Kaushal Curriculum is to given the opportunity for all the students to know about their skills. Under this UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021, the students can get the ability to work in practical life and also this Curriculum give the chance to the students so that the student can develop fully from inside and outside. It helps to overcome the fears and insecurities and also it provides good knowledge and awareness about the emotional competency and emotional intelligence.

UGC Curriculum for Life Skills (Jeevan Kaushal) – List of Courses

The Jeevan Kaushal Scheme is introduce by the UGC. It helps for all the students who are Under Graduate. Here we provide the list of the course name which is covered under the Life Skill Programme.

Communication Skills Professional Skills
Leadership Skills Universal Human Values


With the help of above-mentioned Communication Skills, students can improve his Communication which is useful for him in any field. The professional Skills, Leadership Skills and Universal Human Values are also important in today’s world. So it is required for all the students who are Under Graduate to take these courses.

Learning Outcomes from UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021

When students choose their course and learn the complete knowledge about their skills then after they can use these skills in any fields. Here some Outcomes are given which is learned by the students after getting the courses:-

  • They can gain Self Confidence and competency.
  • Practice Emotional Competency.
  • Also they can Access Intellectual Competency
  • Be an integral Human Being.
  • Gain an edge through Professional Competency.
  • Aim for high sense of Social Competency.

Every candidate who is pursuing in Under Graduate it is necessary to get the courses which are provided in the Life Skill Programmes. Because after completion of the Under Graduate most of the students will looking for the Jobs and these courses are helpful on that time. So UGC recommended for all the Colleges to start the Jeevan Kaushal Scheme in their curriculum for better future of the students.

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