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Tulasi Gowda Biography – Tulsi Gowda, also known as the Encyclopaedia of Forest, is one of the unnamed heroes to receive the prestigious Padma Shri on the 71st Republic Day. Padma Shri is the fourth most leading civilian award granted by the Government of India. In 83, Tulsi Gowda cannot tell how many trees she has planted in his life. She is said to have planted at least 40,000 trees, but some estimate that they are close to one lakh. Having essentially devoted his entire life to the forests, Tulsi Gowda knows her green inhabitants like the back of her hand, and is given the title ‘Encyclopedia of the Jungle’.

Tulasi Gowda Biography – Tree Goddess

Tulasi Gowda was Born into a poverty-stricken Hakkali tribal family in Honnalli village in Ankola taluk, Karnataka. Tulsi Tree Goddess had no formal education and her father passed away while she was just two years old. She had to work closely with her mother and sisters to earn her livelihood. She had no formal education and was married when she was 11 years old. Soon after, her husband also died.

Tulasi Gowda Biography – Tulsi has not only planted innumerable plants, which will grow, and has grown to become trees that help the world live a better life, they have also helped prevent predators from destroying wildlife, and many Worked to stop forest organisms. Due to her mind-blowing vast and precise reserves of flora knowledge, she has also advocated against the practices of the government and planters that negatively affect the environment. This year, Tulsi Tree Goddess was awarded the Padma Shri for his great contribution to reviving the forests of the country.

tulsi gowda Biography

The Encyclopedia Of The Forest – Wikipedia, Padma Shri

The Encyclopedia Of The Forest Tulasi Gowda Wiki – Despite the lack of formal education, Basil has great knowledge about diverse plant and herbaceous species and their uses. The 72-year-old Tulasi Gowda has resided in Honnalli village of Ankola taluk in Uttara Kannada district. She emphasizes the need for the younger generation to protect the environment, by sharing their vast knowledge. According to reports, Gowda has planted more than 100,000 trees so far and has been working to preserve mother nature for the last six decades. He has spent her life planting and raising children as her children until they grow into huge trees.

Recognition – Tulasi Gowda Biography

Tulasi Gowda BiographyHer work has already been honored by various governmental and non-governmental organizations working for environmental protection. She is a Rajyotsava Award winner from the state.

tulsi gowda Biography

Tulasi Gowda Wikipedia – Love for Plants

Tulasi Gowda Biography – Tulsi has unique knowledge about plant species. Tulasi Gowda is informed of the advantages associated with each of these plant species and the right amount of water needed for their growth. For half a century, Tulsi Gowda’s Life turned around the escapades whom she grew at the Agasur Nursery of the Forest Department as part of the continuous afforestation efforts in the Mastikatti range in Honnalli village in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. Today, 12 years after her retirement as an employee of the Forest Department, she effortlessly left her three young great-grandchildren, Ajji (grandmother) in love.

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Tulasi Gowda Biography – “I don’t go to the nursery until I retire until I find a rare root or a plant. Then, I take it there,” she said. When she received India’s highest civilian awards One of the news of receiving Padma Shri came to his meek home, while the 83-year-old Matriarch was playing with eight-month-old Manveer, the youngest member of his nine-year-old family.

tulsi gowda Biography

Encyclopedia of Forest – Tulasi Gowda Biography

Tulasi Gowda Biography – Notwithstanding the lack of formal education, Gowda was born in a poverty-stricken Halakki tribal family in Karnataka. She has a unique knowledge of herbs and trees. From choosing the right season for the quality of the seeds, and caring for the blooming of the plants, she is knowledgeable of all things green, and is famous as the ‘Encyclopaedia of Forest‘. She currently resides in Honnalli village of Ankola taluk in the Uttara Kannada region.

Pension Earning – Tulasi Gowda Wikipedia

Tulasi Gowda Biography – According to local people, she was actively involved in the afforestation program of the state forest department. The trees planted by her while working in the department in Ankola, Yellapur, and Sirsi taluks have soon become huge trees. When the department accepted her service to the community, Gowda’s Job was regularized. After serving in the Forest Department for nearly 14 years, she retired from service. She is now given a pension authorized by the government, which is his only source of livelihood.

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