Know the Trigon Space Story Review

Trigon Space Story Review – Top-down roguelike space- hip adventure Trigon pace Story is all about. Sernur develops it. Tech and published by Gameforge 4D GmbH. When they will first look at the game, and they thought and this game, well I guess by FTL was inspired and then the Faster Than Light and the tutorial after I played, by saving myself I corrected it is just FTL well this game is better graphics. The similarity between the FTL and Trigon is a lot; by comparing each other and focusing more on the differences.

Know the Trigon Space Story Review


Know what is this Trigon Space Story

you will get to control the spaceship and its crew in the Trigon. On the ship, there are multiple systems and have the skills and abilities of all crew members. From point to point, the main gameplay loop consists of traveling, enemy ships fighting and getting their loot, upgrading your ship using the loot, and advancing in the story. It is an exact copy of FTL’s system. The ship has an upgrade system. 

In Trigon, Scrap, and Credits, there are two currencies. Inputting two different currencies, I didn’t understand the developers’ intention. With both since your ship can be upgraded. For new players, it is redundant and serves as more complication.

know the Quest System and Story- 

It can be divided into the quest system, scripted and unscripted. The storyline there is scripted, and you play through the campaign. This is the original addition to the FTL formula. FTL did not have a deep storyline. It will be in the play going through the four different campaigns. In the tigons, the strong point is the graphics. 

The ship looks great, and the character models are interesting in this anime. It has a distinct look each race has. Feel vibrant the backgrounds and also the immersive. In the game’s look we can say about the bad things. It will be having something special as it feels like something got stuck in under the FTL’s shadow. It does not flow great with the gameplay. While in the anime, the graphics and visuals are good.

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