Training of women soldiers begins at military police centre

PUNE: The training of the first batch of women soldiers started at Corps of Military Police Centre and School (CMPCS) of the Indian Army in Bangalore, the Southern Command authorities said.

The Corps of Military Police (CMP) has achieved the unique distinction of being the first in the Indian Army to induct women in its ranks and file, said the command.

“A total of 1700 woman military police (WMP) will be inducted over a period of 17 years. The first batch of 99 (WMP) trainees have reported to CMPCS. The training of first batch of women soldiers commenced on January 2020. The trainees will undergo 61 weeks of training comprising of Basic military training and Advanced Provost Training (APT),” states the statement issued by the command.

Adequate training and administrative infrastructure are already in place. “Due diligence has been attributed while developing administrative infrastructure for women recruits accommodation based on interactions with Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, Assam Rifles and National Cadet Corps (NCC), Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gwalior where presently training of women soldiers is being imparted,” the statement adds.

The women soldiers will have the same terms and conditions as applicable to their male counterparts.

“On completion of training, the Women Military Police (WMP) will perform the similar duties as the Male Military Police (MMP) personnel. The WMP, besides being employed on mandatory operational and peace time duties, will be an asset for investigation of gender specific crimes,” said the army authorities.

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