Third suspect indicted on first-degree murder charge in Young Dolph killing

Young Dolph:- Death rates are increasing due to murders too. The people who want to take revenge or due to any other causes, without any harm, they take charge of killing each other. It is crucial. Only the God who created the living things has the right to take away life. But human beings taking life is very immoral. The murders do happen, and the victims are arrested and given punishment. But is this the right act ever?

One such incident is about the murder of Young Dolph, in which the suspects are arrested by the police and given punishments. 

Young Dolph murder:

Different people shot Young Dolph to death on November 17, 2021. The incident had occurred in Memphis. As per the information received, Young Dolph had died due to the murder, and the case has been running for more than one year. The police are in the rage of finding the suspect of the murder. 

Suspect of murder:

Since it is a crucial case involving many complications and issues, the police are in thorough research for the suspects of the murder. The persons who had supported the suspect in doing the murder have also been searched and arrested. Shunde Barnett had been arrested since he was involved in helping the suspect. 

Arrest of Hernandez Govan:

Following every search, Hernandez Govan was arrested. He had been given charges of first-degree murder on trying to attempt the first-degree murder. 

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy told the media about the case, saying that “Govan is the one who solicited the murder, leading Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith to shoot the Memphis rapper in broad daylight at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on November 17, 2021.” The police are in a thorough investigation of the case and very serious about it bringing justice to the case and murder of Young Dolph. 

I hope the suspect will be punished and put behind bars! 

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