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Taliban fighters defeated in Panjshir, civil war is possible with the death of 300 Taliban, US also in preparation

Taliban fighters defeated in Panjshir

The Taliban has been completely shaken by the capture of Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley. Also, according to reports, Panjshir fighters have killed 300 Taliban. Ahmed Masood, son of a former Mujahideen commander, says I will follow in my father’s footsteps and will not surrender to the Taliban. And his army will fight the Taliban fighters till their last breath. As your information, let us tell you that America is also keeping a close eye on the latest developments in Panjshir Valley.

According to reports coming from the Taliban side, Taliban fighters have reached Panjshir with heavy weapons to attack. Taliban fighters are in high numbers On Sunday night, Taliban fighters attacked in Andrab district of Baglan province, adjacent to Panjshir.
Rebel fighters have begun preparations in the Deh-e-Salah district of Baglan after several people were killed. After this attack, the exodus has started in the area around Panjshir. According to the information, the insurgents fighting the Taliban had retreated a few days ago and gone to the mountains, but now they have started attacks on the Taliban from the mountains themselves.

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The Taliban believe that if Panjshir’s fighters are not pacified, they will face difficulties in running the government. Taliban negotiators are in constant talks with Ahmed Masood to join the government. According to sources, no agreement has been reached so far. Haqqani’s claims have also not been confirmed yet.

Panjshir has a large population of Tajiks and Hazaras. The interesting thing is that many people of the Afghan army have also reached. An army of six thousand people is present to regain their country from the Taliban. And the Northern Alliance can start the fight against the Taliban. Taliban opponents have captured three provinces of Afghanistan. The forces of the Taliban and Panjshir are in face-to-face. The Taliban have said that force will be used if Ahmed Masood does not surrender.

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