Stanford students to protest against CAA, attack on Indian campuses

MUMBAI: Around 200 students, researchers and professors from Stanford University are expected to attend a protest rally on their campus on Friday. The students are rallying against “state violence unleashed on students in India” and “discriminatory” Citizenship Amendment Act, which came into force on January 10.

The protesters urged people to join in large numbers as “the government is vulnerable to international pressure”. Students will gather at White Plaza, a free speech and student programme area on the campus, at noon. Earlier, students collected signatures of 250 undergraduate and graduate students from the campus.

“The CAA is an affront to India’s secular constitutional fabric, the NRC is inhumane and wasteful, and the government crackdown on protesters is reprehensible. The police attacks on Jamia and AMU, and most recently the attack on JNU shocked us all. Here at Stanford, we have the privilege of never having to worry about such violence on our campuses, and so we have a responsibility to stand up for our fellow students in India,” said one of the organisers of the rally.

An info-sheet with details of CAA and NRC will be handed over to protesters, he said. The sheet mentions that CAA is a violation of secular principles in the Indian Constitution and Indian Muslims and students are under “violent attack” by the government. ‘Everyone’s participation matters as the brand value of Stanford students standing in solidarity with Indian universities will have a huge impact’, was the concluding remark in the info sheet.

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