Spring Dale College celebrates Golden Jubilee with alumni

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LUCKNOW: Shiny new monograms adorned decades-old school blazers that came out of closets they had been lovingly packed in.

The words ‘Satyamvad Dharmamchar’, engraved on the monogram, brought back fond memories for the almost 200 former students of Spring Dale College, Indiranagar, who had come to attend its 50-year celebrations on Monday.

As former students of various ages, many in altered school uniforms, stepped on the campus after years, laughter and tales of nostalgia filled the air amid hugs.

To make the day special, teachers of the school took on the role of students and read the news, moral of the day and sung songs during the assembly.

“We learnt patience and anger control from our teachers. We had dismantled a plastic and knitted chair of our mathematics teacher and he got stuck in it. However, he didn’t get angry or hit us. He made the entire class sit on the floor for a month to make us realise the value of everything we have,” said 2003-batch Major Kashif Usmani, who is serving in the Army in Shimla.

“The moment I heard ‘stand at ease and attention’ from PT teacher Ravi Sir, I got ready for the morning prayer without realising that I am no more a student but a professor in a university,” said professor Amita Kanaujia of Lucknow University.

As a strict former principal and now director of Spring Dale College, Rita Khanna declared a punishment for late-comers.

“Take five rounds of the ground for coming late…but oh no, now you are grown-ups and would only be able to take two,” laughed Khanna, making the announcement during the assembly.

Not only from corners of India but students had arrived from around the world to see their school and meet teachers.

“I have come from Los Angeles, US, to relive the tension-free days of school,” said 1990 batch student Puneet Gupta.

Celebrations began with a Walkathon led by renowned kidney surgeon Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan and scriptwriter Himanshu Sharma. After a round of games, the guests had lunch in their classrooms like in school.

To end the day, they all sang school anthem ‘Hail! Hail! Dear Spring Dale’ as the school bell was rung.

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