Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name With Photo, Splitsvilla 13 Latest News & Updates

Splitsvilla 13 is back with host judge Sunny Leone & Ranvijay Singha. The auditions began already and a few of the Contestants are already selected for the new upcoming MTV Splitsvilla X3. So if want to check Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name With Photo so read this article for Splitsvilla 13 Latest News & Updates. Splitsvilla X3 hosts Ranvijay Singha & Sunny leone did live auditions for the new upcoming live show MTV Splitsvilla 13. The Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name is Kevin Almasifar, Kritika Yadav, Nikita Bhamidipati, Salman Zaidi & More. So kindly follow our article and read Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Lists, Name, Photo.

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name With Photo

Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Name with photo:- Splitsvilla is all about a love show, Where a young boy and young girl participated together in a task. All the contestants will live in Villa or in a resort. Each male contestants have to select one female contestant. If Contestants find a connection between other fellow Contestants. So it can be a match according to the Splitsvilla 13. Splitsvilla is all about love, romance & fight for survival to win all the tasks, and also the vote out portion.

So here we bring, Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Lists with Photo. Kindly please, read our article for all the details.

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name With Photo

Splitsvilla 13 Starting Date & Time

According to the source & all the information, Splitsvilla 13 is expected to start in Feb 2021 after the end up of the Roadies Revolution. As we knew Splitsvilla 12 winner’s name is Priyamvada Kant & Shrey Mittal and the runner-up is Ashish Bhatia & Meisha Iyer.

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants List [Season 13]

Sunny Leone & RanvijaySingha is back with Splitsvilla X3. Check all the Contestants List & name.

For the first time, MTV Splitsvilla conducted virtual auditions and selected contestants. Now Splitsvilla X3 back with promo “Love Ki Khoj” check start date & time here.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Lists- Boys

S.No.   Name  Hometown
1. Kevin Almasifar Tehran, Iran
2. Gary Lu Guhawati
3. Piyush Manwani Madhya Pradesh
4. Vyomesh Koul Mumbai
5. Jay Dudhane Pune
6. Samarthya Gupta Jammu
7. Dhruv Malik Ghaziabad
8. Trevon Dias Goa
9. Shivam Sharma Delhi
10. Nikhil Malik Delhi

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants List- Girls

S.No.   Name  Hometown
1. Samruddhi Jadhav Tehran, Iran
2. Riya Kishanchandni Hyderabad, India
3. Rashmi Chaudhary Madhya Pradesh
4. Nikita Bhamidipati Mumbai
5. Pallak Yadav Pune
6. Arushi Chib Jammu
7. Aditi Rajput Ghaziabad
8. Janvi Sikaria Goa
9. Bhoomika Vashisht Delhi
10. Avantika Sharma Delhi
11. Azma Fallah  
12. Shweta Nair  
13. Kat Kristian  

Splitsvilla 13 Winner Name

The Splitsvilla 13 winner will be out, Once the show will be started & two couples are in the finals. Both couples do a task and the winner will be won the title of Splitsvilla 13.

Splitsvilla 13 Contestants List, Photos

Kritika Yadav Splitsvilla X3 Auditions

1. Kritika Yadav gave her life audition for MTV Splitsvilla 13 along with Sunny Leone, Ranvijay Singha & Kevin Almasifar. She is the second contestant of MTV Splitsvilla 13.

Kritika Yadav Splitsvilla

2. Nikita Bhamidipati Splitsvilla X3 Auditions

Nikita Bhamidipati also selected for MTV Splitsvilla 13. She is the third contestant of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

Nikita Bhamidipati Splitsvilla

3. Kevin Almasifar Splitsvilla 13

Kevin Almasifar Splitsvilla 13

4. Salman Zaidi Splitsvilla 13 (Ace of Space 2 Winner)

Salman Zaidi Splitsvilla 13

5. Riya kishanchandani Splitsvilla 13

Riya Kishanchandani is an Indian model & an Actress from India selected for MTV Roadies 13.

Riya Kishanchandani

6. Vyomesh Koul

Samruddhi Jadav


7. Rashmi Chaudhary Splitsvilla Contestant Biography:Rashmi Chaudhary is an Indian model & an Actress from India. Rashmi was born & brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. She worked in many advertisements or in an Add Industry.

Rashmi’s height

8. Aditi Rajput (MTV Splitsvilla X3) Biography:- Aditi Rajput is an Indian model, actor, fashion blogger & social media star from Uttarakhand, India.

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants

9. Janvi Sikaria Splitsvilla X3 Biography:- Janvi Sikaria is an Indian Mental health advocate from Mumbai. The girl celebrates her birthday every year in the month of December.

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants

10. Pallak Yadav Biography:- Pallak Yadav is an Indian model & an Actress from India. Pallak was born & brought up in Telangana, India. 

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Latest News

11. Piyush Manwani:- He is an Indian model, an actor from India. He appeared in many videos and modeling shoots.

Piyush Manwani

12. Jay Dudhane:- Jay Dudhane is an Indian athlete and entrepreneur from Thane, Maharashtra. As of 2021, His age is now 23 years old. He is also a contestant of MTV Splitsvilla 13.

Jay Dudhane

13. Samarthya Gupta Splitsvilla 13:- He is an Indian model and also Mr. India first runner-up (2019). He is very popular on Social Media.

Samarthya Gupta Splitsvilla 13

14. Dhruv Malik Splitsvilla 13

15. Arushi Chib:- She is the contestant of Splitsvilla x3. You can see her photo and also she is a very popular social media star.

Arushi Chib

16. Bhoomika Vashisht:- Vashisht is a lover and traveler and also a social media star. She is a very popular social media celebrity. Now she has entered the Splitsvilla X3 love show.

Bhoomika Vashisht

17. Avantika:-Avantika is a lover and traveler and also a social media star. She is a very popular social media celebrity. Now she has entered the Splitsvilla X3 love show.


18. Azma Fallah:- She is a model and actress and also a social media star. Currently, she is the contestant of Splitsvilla X3.

Azma Fallah

Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Latest News

After the first contestant of Splitsvilla 13 Kevin Alamsifar, after he created an outstanding performance in Roadies, He was in Splitsvilla 13. So let us see who are the new Contestants of Splitsvilla 13.

When Will MTV Splitsvilla X3 Start?

MTV Splitsvilla started on the 6th March 2021 with the 13 girls contestants and 10 boys contestants. This time splitsville is all about lots of drama, entertainment. In this showmakers created two villas silver villa and the gold villa. So our site provides all the latest news on Splitsvilla. Kindly connected with our page and get all the information here.

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MTV Splitsvilla X3 Hosts

After the Splitsvilla 12 season amazing, The epic duo of Sunny & Ranvijay will again host the show. Both together host many seasons of Splitsvilla & now again both back with some kind of twist and lots of drama.

MTV Splitsvilla Winners Lists of All Seasons 1 To 12

Splitsvilla Season 1 Winner:- Vishal Karwal & Shraddha Haribhai

Splitsvilla Season 2 Winner:– Siddharth Bhardwaj & Sakshi Pradhan

Splitsvilla Season 3 Winner:- Parag Chadha & Riya Bamniyal

Splitsvilla Season 4 Winner:-Dushyant Yadav & Priya Shinde

Splitsvilla Season 5 Winner:- Paras Chhabra & Akanksha Popli

Splitsvilla Season 6 Winner:- Paramvir Singh & Mandy Debbarma

Splitsvilla Season 7 Winner:- Mayank Gandhi & Scarlett Rose

Splitsvilla Season 8 Winner:-Prince Narula & Anuki Tchokhonelidze

Splitsvilla Season 9 Winner:-Gurmeet Singh Rehal & Kavya Khurana

Splitsvilla Season 10 Winner:-Baseer Ali & Naina Singh

Splitsvilla Season X1 Winner:- Gaurav Alugh & Shruti Sinha

Splitsvilla Season X2 Winner:- Shrey Mittal & Priyamvada Kant

FAQ About Splitsvilla X3 Contestants Name With Photo

Q.1 Who are the contestants of Splitsvilla 13?

Ans. In this article, We provide the Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Name With Photo so check the details here.

Q.2 Who has won Splitsvilla 12?

Ans. Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal have the winner of Splitsvilla 12.

Q.3 Where to check Splitsvilla Season 13 Contestants List?

Ans. Arealnews.com provides Splitsvilla x3 Contestants List 2021.

Q.4 What will be Splitsvilla 13 started to date?

Ans. In the Feb month of 2021.

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