Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death while on vacation with friends, Cause of death

What has been considered an alcohol poisoning case turns out to be something else? After the death of the businesswoman Shanquella Robinson, a video of her fighting with another woman went viral and revealed the actual cause of her death.

What happened to Shanquella Robinson?

It was reported that Shanquella Robinson was a businesswoman who came to Mexico on October 28 with a group of friends to celebrate one of her friend’s birthdays but passed away within 24 hours. And the parents of the victims were told that their daughter died due to alcohol poisoning. 

According to the mother, one of her friends rang her up and told her that Shanquella was sick and that she had alcohol poisoning and friends of hers kept telling different stories. 

However, the parents did not believe this and alerted the FBI. It turns out that Shanquella had injuries and sustained a broken neck and a broken spine. 

The exact cause of this injury was not confirmed until a video went viral where it shows a woman fighting with Shanquella and beating her several times in her room. She was seen slammed to the floor and punched by her attacker. 

After watching the video, many netizens were infuriated when they realized she did not have died due to alcohol poisoning and expressed their suspicion about her friend’s 

Shanquellas’s father believes that Cooke (one of Shanquellas’s friends) knows what has happened since Bernard kept saying that he knows what happened. The FBI Charlotte branch has been contacted to solve the case. 

How did Shanquella Robinson die ?

According to her family, they were told by her friends that she died due to alcohol poisoning. But later, a video revealed that she might die from being physically assaulted, resulting in a broken neck and spine. 

Shanquella Robinson Obituary:

Shanquella Robinson died after being beaten up to death. She was 25 years old at the time of her death. The funeral of Shanquella Robinson will take place over the weekend. 

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