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Shamita Shetty expressed her pain after a fight with Nishant bhat, ‘I have anxiety attacks, I could not breathe

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It has been two weeks since ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ started and for two weeks the show has been in constant discussion. Shamita Shetty has been the target of the family since the beginning. Recently, there was a fierce fight between Shamita and Nishant, after which the actress broke down emotionally. He uploaded a video on his Instagram in which Shamita is seen expressing her pain. In the video, Shamita is telling that after this quarrel her anxiety level had increased a lot and she was not able to breathe properly.

She said I had an anxiety attack. I said even after that that I apologize to my mother that she saw me in this situation. Because no one has ever seen me like this, I was scared inside, my anxiety level was very high I was constantly thinking about how to calm myself because this house has been littered for a long time .

Shamita Shetty cried after being punished by Bigg Boss. After which Rakesh Bapat was seen silencing him. Bigg Boss punished these four contestants by making them bulls of the crusher. He punished these four for continuously running the bullock of the crusher in the garden area. During the sentence, Shamita Shetty had a dispute with Nishank Bhat over something. In which both of them scolded each other fiercely. After which Shamita Shetty cried and the matter reached abusively.

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