How did Seth McClelland die? the pioneer of D.C. nightlife, passed away at the age of 40

Every person on the earth has a purpose for living. And in the end, we will be destined. No one can escape from death. Death and birth are the regular events of life. Every day, one has to die, and one will be born. The people losing their close ones and loved ones also have to suffer the pain and have the strength to bear such losses. 

One such heart-devastating news is about the death of Seth McClelland, who passed away at age 40.

Who is Seth McClelland? 

Seth McClelland is the pioneer of D.C. nightlife and was well known for bringing the famous cocktail bars to the city. He had the name of bringing three cocktail bars in the city. And also he holds the position of the CEO and the creative director of a burgeoning D.C. bar group. He is also connected to People’s drug, a well-known bar in Washington, D.C. 

Seth McClelland’s cause of death:

It is unfortunate and mislucky to hear that the great CEO and businessman lost his life at 40. After hearing the news of the death of McClelland, friends and family are sending their prayers and strength. They share their memories with him; social media is filled with mournings and tributes. But, the cause of death of Seth McClelland remains unknown. 

How did Seth McClelland die?

Seth McClelland had died, and it has been confirmed on social media. But what happened to him and how he died is not revealed yet. Even his family and friends are not in a state of mind about what had happened to him, and they are in despair of losing him. 

May his soul rest in peace! 

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