Sahana Actress died and What was the cause of her death?

Who was actress Sahana? (Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband)

The suicide news has been rising from the past couple of years as people are living a stressful lifestyle. The peer pressure forces the youngsters to take drastic steps.
Recently a 21-year-old actress has died in Kerala in mysterious circumstances. She was found dead in her home’s bathroom. Her death came as a shock and moved everyone.

Sahan was a model and actress who was sadly found dead on her 21st birthday in her house . Her parents took legal action against her husband and in-laws.
Sajjad, her husband, has been arrested by police. Her parents continue to accuse him of murdering her.

“She used to cry all the time saying they (husband and his family) were torturing her,” Sahana’s parents stated.

However Sajjad was narrating a different story. According to him, he found her dead in the bathroom .
Sahana is native of the Kerala town of Kozhikode. She began her career as a model and rose as a prominent model and actress. She appeared in a number of jewellery promotional films. Sajit is her husband. Sajjid was supportive of her career. he quitted his job in Qatar and for a couple of months he was spending time with his wife.

Sajjit and Sahana are presently renting an apartment in Kozhikode Bazaar. Yesterday was Sahana’s 21st birthday. Sahana was found dead around 11 p.m. yesterday. When neighbours heard her husband screaming, they went to his apartment, where they were shocked to see her death and called the cops.

The police arrived on the scene. The paramedics took Sahana’s body and sent it for an autopsy. The police began an investigation. First, they inquired about the case’s main suspect, Sahana’s husband, Sajid.

Sahana Actress Husband
The inquest and autopsy report are expected to reveal Sahana’s cause of death. According to reports, police suspect a murder because the couple was frequently seen fighting.
Their neighbour attested to it. Sahana’s parents and brother criticise her husband for her untimely death. They claimed it was not a suicide attempt. She could never kill herself. Her husband was the one who murdered her. The couple married about a year and a half ago.

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