Ronnie Maceo Cause of death? A well-known businessman, died at the age of 75

Accidents and crashes are the major factors for the increased death rate nowadays. The carelessness during driving or the injuries that happened during the accident remaining for a longer period without recovery takes away the life of the people. Even if we are under treatment for a longer duration, heavy injuries lead to death of the person sometimes. 

One such shocking news is about the death of Ronnie Maceo, who had died due to sustained injuries and got in an accident at 75.

What happened to Ronnie Maceo?

Ronnie Maceo is a well-known Galveston store owner. A businessman from an island. A month ago, Ronnie Maceo met with an accident while traveling along with Cruz Cortez, the owners of Cruz Cortez Clothiers and Maceo Spice and Import Co. 

They were moving towards the intersection of 27th street and Broadway, during which Maceo’s Jeep was broadsided and rolled on the road. The driver of the jeep was unharmed, Cruz got some injuries, and Maceo also was done with some neck and back injuries. 

How did Ronnie Maceo die? 

The accident that Ronnie Maceo had met had hospitalized him because of the injuries he had gotten during it. Come back, and neck injuries were diagnosed, and the treatments were under progress for more than a month, and he was not looking into his business. But unfortunately, the treatments had not given good results, and Ronnie Maceo lost his life because of his injuries. 

It is very unfortun

Ronnie Maceo Cause of death:

ate to hear that Ronnie Maceo has died. The cause of the death of Ronnie Maceo is the injuries he sustained in the car accident. Even though he was taking recovery treatments and being taken care of in the intensive care unit, he could not fight the battle and lost his life. 

After knowing of his death, the near and dear ones are sharing their memories and condolences to the family.

May his soul rest in peace!

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