Robert McFarlane Death, Cause of Death, Obituary, Wife, Age

Robert McFarlane: The Reagan national security adviser Robert recently died at the age of 84.

Famous politician Robert McFarlane died at the age of 84; let’s find out the cause of his death and his contributions to the nation.

Who was Robert McFarlane? (Wiki, Age, Wife, Bio)

Robert McFarlane was born on 12th July 1937. He was the 13th National Security Advisor and 12th Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the United States from the year 1983 to 1985. He was also the Counselor of the Department of State in 1981. At the time of his death, his age was 84 years. 

Robert McFarlane Death

He was born and brought up in Washington, D.C, U.S. He was married to Jonda Riley. He worked in the United States Marine Corps service from the year 1959 to the year 1979, where he received various awards. After ending his career in the Marines field, he was appointed to carry out the Reagan administration and the architect leader of SDI to defend the U.S from missile attacks. 

He belonged to political background. After completing his graduation from the Naval Academy, he was hired as a field artillery officer in the Marine Corps. Gradually he took the position of operation officer, executive assistant, action officer, etc. He left Vietnam for a short period to complete his degree in Strategic Studies from the Graduate Institute of international studies in Switzerland. 

After the completion of his degree, he returned to Vietnam to carry out a second tour for the Third Marine Division, which made him the first Marine Corps officer to be selected for this program. He was given the name White House Fellow, considering his contributions during the tours. 

When did Robert McFarlane die?

He was a great leader and a role model for many people worldwide. He has been appointed for various positions till now. On 12th May 2022, he died recently in a hospital called Lansing, Michigan. He was suffering from a serious lung condition that got worse by turning 84, and eventually, he died. At his death, he was with his family in Michigan. He was not working at the time of his death. Sources suggest he was married and had three children named Lauren, Melissa, and Scott. Our condolences go to his survivors. 

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