Recommended Decorating Ideas for Your E-scooter

Let’s go through a few of electric scooter accessories out there, that can turn your hobby scooter into a powerful ally for your commutes and day-to-day tasks and make your life a lot easier.

Must have accessories

The very first must have accessory is the helmet, I know it seems lame, but it’s the most important item to have. In fact, in a way, it doesn’t really count as an accessory, it’s more like required equipment, both by common sense, and by the law. If you can only buy one extra item for your electric scooter, it should be the helmet. Its importance cannot be overstated, it can literally be the difference between life or death. Ok, you have been warned, but it doesn’t have to be all loom and gloom. Picking a helmet is tons of fun, and there are many, many awesome looking helmets that will make you and your scooter look even further.

The next item on the list may already come with your electric scooter and be labeled as an electric scooter light. Headlights are a standard piece of equipment and should come with every scooter. There are some scary stories of users buying very cheap off-brand scooters from China and only then noticing they don’t have a headlight. But the rule is, your scooter will arrive with a headlight. A few models will either not include a headlight, or taillights, or both. If any of those is the case for your scooter, you will have to buy the missing lights to make sure your scooter is street legal.

Next thing is a fluorescent vest. Chances are that fluorescent vests will be required for night riding by your local law. Even if they’re not, they’re still a great idea to own. They let other participants know about your position in traffic and can sometimes play a critical role in road safety, both for you and others. So not only will you obey the law, but you will make sure you are doing everything to stay safe while riding.

Recommended accessories

It’s not a necessity but we highly recommended you investigate safety armor/jacket for your electric scooter. This is part of what is considered the standard safety gear for riding an electric scooter. It may not be required if you rarely ride over 12 mph / 20 kmh. If you do, and especially if you ride very fast, a safety vest is a very good idea. Not as critical as the helmet, but it can still prevent serious injuries to your torso and arms.

A handlebar bag would be the next recommended item on the list. It may seem insignificant, but it’s very handy to have, it goes right on the electric scooter frame, and depending on the bag can be weatherproof, so it’ll protect all your items from the elements. Plus, it’ll be on the scooter, not on your back, which will save you from having to lug around a heavy bag all day. 

Next will be the alarm, there is a small chance that your electric scooter will already have an anti-theft alarm system built in. If it doesn’t, this is a great cheap investment that can save you a lot of heartache. There is one issue here, and that’s your scooter’s controller. It must support remote start for this sort of device to work with it. While I haven’t done much research on this, my guess is that if the controller has this feature, the manufacturers have already gone ahead and tried to delight their customers with an anti-theft alarm system. It’s a very cheap feature to add, especially during production, and it can save owners a lot of trouble.

Still, it’s possible that your scooter’s controller supports remote start, and yet your scooter still doesn’t have an anti-theft alarm. If you don’t have an anti-theft alarm, your best move is to contact your manufacturer or retailer and ask them if the scooter can support an anti-theft alarm system as an extra.

This next item is important but not a necessity, Gloves are not exactly part of the critical safety equipment, but they’re still usually recommended as an important piece and can play a big role. In the event of a fall or a crash, they will protect your hands and fingers, will prevent scratches or cuts, and may even prevent fractures. During the winter, they will keep your hands warm, and during longer rides, blisters and sweaty hands will not be a problem anymore. 

  Turn signals. Most scooters will not come with turn signals. If this is important to you, and you’ve made the right choice, you will not have to get additional turn signals. The reason why I don’t include this item in the recommended list is that it doesn’t really contribute all that much. Sure, it’s great to have as an extra, but truth be told, very few people will ever notice the turn signals on your scooter. Anyway, if you’re all about safety, they are a good addition. Usually, you will get the lights that are easy to install, and you put them either on the rear parts of your scooter, or on the sides of your deck, whichever works better, and then you control them with a small controller that you will attach on your handlebar.

Finally, stickers. Probably the least useful, but arguably most fun accessory. Stickers will do nothing for your productivity, but they can make your scooter look insanely cool and more like yours. First, a little side note: it’s better to spend a bit more time choosing your scooter’s design, than to try to customize it. Still, many scooters come in limited color choices, so it may be your only option. I would especially suggest this option if you: don’t really like the look of your scooter, want to give your scooter a custom look, want to cover a scratch or some other form of damage. In addition, you can choose reflective stickers to put on your electric scooter frame, that not only look very cool, but also serve as reflective lights for your scooter too. I haven’t experimented with this option at all. You might want to check with your retailer and manufacturer for stickers, they may have some suggestions about your model.