Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana (प्रधान मंत्री बालिका अनुदान योजना) 2020 – Details, Eligibility

PM Balika Anudan Yojana 2020

There are many families in India who are unable to marry their daughters. For such families, Prime Minister Balika Anudan Yojana (PMBAY) 2020 has been released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under the Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana, the girls belonging to the BPL family will be provided an amount of Rs 50000 by the government at the time of their marriage. Read this article carefully to get more information about the Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana 2020.

भारत में कई परिवार ऐसे हैं जो अपनी बेटियों की शादी नहीं कर पा रहे हैं। ऐसे परिवारों के लिए, प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी द्वारा प्रधानमंत्री बालिका अन्नदान योजना (PMBAY) 2020 जारी की गई है। प्रधानमंत्री बालिका अन्नदान योजना के तहत, बीपीएल परिवार से संबंधित लड़कियों को उनकी शादी के समय सरकार द्वारा 50000 रुपये की राशि प्रदान की जाएगी। प्रधान मंत्री बालिका अन्नदान योजना 2020 के बारे में अधिक जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए इस लेख को ध्यान से पढ़ें।

PM Balika Anudan Yojana 2020

Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana 2020-2021

There are many poor families in our country who consider girls as a burden due to their economic conditions. For this, the Government of India has issued several schemes for girls from time to time, out of which the Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Scheme is one. Under this scheme, the Government of India will provide its benefit to 2 girls of poor and BPL families. Through this PM Balika Anudan Yojana, the standard of living of the girls will improve and financial assistance will also be provided to them.

हमारे देश में कई गरीब परिवार हैं जो अपनी आर्थिक स्थितियों के कारण लड़कियों को बोझ समझते हैं। इसके लिए, भारत सरकार ने समय-समय पर लड़कियों के लिए कई योजनाएँ जारी की हैं, जिनमें से प्रधानमंत्री बालिका अन्नदान योजना एक है। इस योजना के तहत, भारत सरकार गरीब और बीपीएल परिवारों की 2 लड़कियों को इसका लाभ प्रदान करेगी। इस पीएम बालिका अन्नदान योजना के माध्यम से, लड़कियों के जीवन स्तर में सुधार होगा और उन्हें वित्तीय सहायता भी प्रदान की जाएगी।

Eligibility Criteria for PM Balika Anudan Yojana 2020

  • The benefit of PM Balika Anudan Yojana will be provided at the time of marriage only after the girl child completes 18 years.
  • The amount given under this scheme will be transferred directly to the girl’s bank account. Therefore, it is important for the girl to have an account in the bank.
  • The girl’s account should only be in a government bank, which is linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Under this scheme, the girl child will be given benefits only if she is not receiving the benefit of any other scheme.
  • The benefit of this scheme can be availed only by girls belonging to the BPL family whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 15000.
  • Believing that the adopted girl is the first girl on legal grounds, she will also be eligible for this scheme benefit.
  • At the time of marriage of daughters of widowed women of the general BPL category, the Central Government will provide financial assistance of Rs 50000.

The objective of the PM Balika Anudan Scheme 2020

  • The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial support at the time of marriage to girls born in economically weaker families under the Prime Minister Balika Anudan Scheme.
  • Another objective of this scheme is to reduce the sex ratio problem from the country; this scheme will promote the birth of girls.
  • And also it provides proper medical care to the poor family and BPL family at the time of marriage with financial help.
  • The Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana will also be promoted the Women protection.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana?

Those who want to apply in this scheme and are looking for the online application process. Then they need to wait a little longer because no official website has been launched by the government yet for the online registration of the PM Balika Anudan Scheme.

Document required under the PM Balika Anudan Yojana

  • Passport size photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Age certificate of girl.

The Pradhan Mantri Balika Anudan Yojana is very useful for poor and BPL category persons. They can get the benefit of this scheme by registration of the girl.

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