Pradeep Bhide, a DD Marathi newscaster, has died.

Who was Pradeep Bhide? And what was the cause of his death?

The death of a prominent newsreader Pradeep Bhide who worked majorly in Marathi is all over the news. Pradeep Bhide has been suffering from the illness for a long time, and due to this, he died this week on Tuesday at his home.


What was the cause of his death?

His death was confirmed by his coworker. Bhide had continued to work for Doordarshan (Marathi), which rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s after the television sets were first introduced to middle-class families and the region newscast was famous among Marathi families.
Experienced electronic communication journalist Pradeep Bhide, known as the “Face of Marathi Doordarshan,” died on Tuesday after a long illness. He was survived by his family, including his two children and his wife.
His family consists of his wife, son, and daughter. His final rituals were executed on Tuesday evening at the Andheri Funeral home. His fans and admirers who had been watching him for decades rushed to pay their tribute to him

Life and Career Pradeep Bhide

Bhide was the first employee at the Mumbai Doordarshan Kendra, which opened in 1972. He began his career in the news translation department.
Afterward, in Khar, he founded his organization, ‘Pradeep Bhide Communications,’ which also developed animated shorts, television shows, tv commercials, and sales promotions. He used his voice for voice-over work.

With an imperious stage presence and a concise vocal timbre, he quickly glided into broadcast reading and turned himself into a famous face among Marathi news channels. Bhide earned a bachelor’s degree from Ranade Institute of Communications, began working in journalism and has been in the industry for three decades. He worked briefly for MNC news divisions, then shifted to Doordarshan and media.
He has indeed collaborated as a reporter for Doordarshan.
Bhide pursued news in an interactive way, offered evaluation, grounded headline shows on the state channel, and even covered outside assignments on the celebration. He was in high demand for relatively frequent state or federal election initiatives and political commentary.

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