Mumbai Police Arrested 3 YouTubers For Uploading Obscene Prank Video

Mumbai Police Arrested 3 YouTubers or Uploading Obscene Prank Video on YouTube. The Maharashtra police, Mumbai arrested three Youtubers Prince Kumar Raju Sao, Mukesh Fulchand Gupta, Jitendra Baichetram. The group has a prank youtube channel on YouTube and also has lots of Facebook pages and Instagram pages. they all are uploaded more than 300 pranks videos and in the most of videos, they all are pranks with girls. The cyber cell Mumbai seen this video and registered an FIR against or Uploading Obscene Prank Videos. Prince Kumar Raju Sao’s age is only 23 years and his channel name is The Japes, Nathkat Prince, Mukesh Pranks. Now Mumbai Cyber cell arrested him and deleted all the videos and other social media handles.

The Mumbai Police said the group adds young girls and women to act in their video for money and they shoot the video in Public places. In the prank video, they would touch the girls and used vulgar language. More than five girls reached the police station and registered an FIR against them.

Prince Kumar Raju and the other two earn more than 2 crores rupees from YouTube channels and also have 17 youtube channels more. The group added more than 300 videos on social media channels.

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