MD Leigh Sundem died, Cause of Death, Obituary

MD Leigh Sundem died after a long battle with drugs and alcohol addiction.

Rumors state that a lady named Leigh Sundem killed herself after not being able to achieve her dreams; let’s find out to what extent these rumors are true.

Who was Leigh Sundem, and why is her life journey so inspiring?

Leigh Sundem was a very dedicated, goal-oriented lady. She was an inspiration to many people. She had overcome her drug addiction and studied hard to become an MD doctor. She completed her degree from Georgia Southern University. When she was in middle school, her addiction to alcohol and drugs began. She had severe anxiety and depression. To overcome the feeling of depression, she started consuming alcohol and drugs. 


On her 16th birthday, she was admitted to a juvenile detention center, where her drug consumption was reduced. After that, she was jailed for a few years while continuing to battle her drug addiction. This whole incident took place around 10 years ago. She spent her journey on a podcast. In 2007, she went to Statesboro, Georgia, where she participated in various intensive addition programs for up to 2 years. That’s when her dream of offering a doctor began. She started working in the hospital to pay her bills.

MD Leigh Sundem died, Cause of Death, Obituary

When did she start studying in the medical field?

While she was overcoming her battle with drug addiction and working in the healthcare sector simultaneously, she decided that her goal in life is to help teenagers and young adults suffering from mental health in the future. In 2008, she joined Southern Georgia Center for Drug Rehabilitation. This center helps students like Leigh to earn a college degree and become successful in their careers. With the support of the center and her family, she graduated from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Later, in 2012 she graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Southern University’s program. She achieved a great score on the MCAT test, due to which she was able to get admission to the University of Rochester School of Medicine. Here she achieved various awards and grants.

Why did Leigh Sundem kill herself?

She aspired to become an orthopedic. She wanted to participate in the orthopedic surgery program, but she was not accepted due to her drug-related criminal records. Due to this rejection, she was devastated. She became so helpless that she eventually killed herself on 14th April 2020. Over prayers go towards her family and friends. We hope they have overcome the pain of losing their loved ones.

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