Who is Martine McCutcheon? Martine McCutcheon’s tragic heartbreak on his brother’s death

Martine McCutcheon is an actor, she is just 46 years old, and nowadays, she revealed that her brother Laurence John also known as LJ died a few weeks ago at the age of just 31. However, she said there is no medical illness history, and the cause of death is not yet revealed.

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Who is Martine McCutcheon?

English actress and singer Martine McCutcheon ( born 14 May 1976). She made her television debut in the 1989 children’s television drama Bluebirds. She had already made appearances in television ads at a young age. She achieved some success as a member of the pop group Milan in the early 1990s. 

Still, her portrayal of Tiffany Mitchell in the BBC serial opera EastEnders and her appearance in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually catapulted her to fame. She received the National Television Award for the former and the Empire and MTV Movie Awards for the latter. After 1998, she was fired from East Enders and started a new pop career as a solo performer.

How did Martine McCutcheon’s brother die?

She shared it was heartbreaking to announce the sudden death of her younger brother LJ. She wrote in the caption, “My broken heart will always hurt. My gentle giant, my baby brother, tragically died two weeks ago. He was just 31 years old.” She also includes this in his statement. There is no medical reason for losing him so quickly, and while we continue to look into it, we must come to terms with the fact that nothing will bring our boy back to us.

Cause of his brother’s death:    

As per the reports, she revealed that LJ has no medical history and he had a sudden death, and their family is also looking for a cause. Martine McCutcheon, a beloved sister who loved his brother very much, was so sad in this situation. We can only give our condolences to her and other family members and friends. He was a great brother to his sister.

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