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How To Make Money On You Tube? | A Step-by-Step Guide , Effective Tips & Ways


How You Can Earn Money On YouTube? here are we provide all the guidance and tips and ways to make money on youtube.

If you are not interested in Blogging & Content Writing, you can create your youtube channel and show your talent direct with the audience. in this you can create any channel like in Gaming & Blogs or in Funny Channel and start making videos.

In the Present time people make millions from youtube in India, yeah its an easy option but you have to be patient. you can record video and upload at youtube. in India many popular creators like Amit Bhadana bb ki vines & online teaching youtube channel making millions from youtube. you want any successful youtube channel so you can make any funny or entertaining videos also you can make technicals videos.

How You Can Earn Money On YouTube?

*1 Become A YouTube Partner

Firstly you have to become a youtube partner on youtube,once you get access to the Adsense account. Become A YouTube Partner have access to multiple account streams, YouTube premium subscription, and Fane’s super chat money directly in your account at the time of the live stream.

Step 1. Start YouTube Channel

Firstly you have to start a youtube channel,you can see some videos to guide ,how you can create a YouTube channel.

Step 2. Make Your YouTube Channel Successful, Make Minimum 1000 Subscribers.

To join the YouTube partnership -the program you have to meet 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Watching hours in 12 Months.

Step 3. Create an AdSense Account

Step 4. Explore your new monetization features

Monetization features mean you have to create an Ad revenue and YouTube Premium revenue, Channel memberships, Merchandise shelf, Super Chat payments are included in this.

*2 Sell Your Own  Memberships.

Sell your own merchandise include some 5 Steps, read all these five steps to build your product, if you are a content writer, and promote products so also you know about how you can sell products on your videos.

  • Step 1. First you have to imagine and design your products,it should be unique.
  • Step 2. Create Source and Build your Product.
  • Step 3. Create Sell Page & Webpage.
  • Step 4.Enable Your YouTube Partner Memberships.
  • Step 5. Promote Your Brand-Products In Your Videos and your campaign.

*3 Create sponsored content | Deal With Brand Partner

  • Step 1. Find a brand to partner with, You can deal with some quality brands product to promote deal in your videos, and it should be unique.
  • Step 2. Make a deal with brand partners.
  • Step 3. Be transparent about your Sponsored content

*4 Get your fans to pay you directly [Super Chat On Live Stream]

  • Step 1. Host live chats where people can use Super Chat on Live Streams, super chat name received on the direct stream.
  • Step 2. Said your fans To Join Your channel and become Channel members.
  • Step 3. Said your Subscribers and visitors To Join YouTube premium subscribers.

*5 Used Donation Account & Crowdfunding Account

  • Step 1. Set up a crowdfunding account & donation account: sometimes you have to create live streams for donation account, where people can donate some funds for your campaign.
  • Step 2. Promote your campaign in your videos

*6 License Your Content To The Media

  • Step 1. Keep your contact details updated on your About page
  • Step 2. Sign up to a video rights marketplace
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