Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Is Suffering The Consequences For His Mistimed Murder

Who is Sherra Wright Robinson? and what has happened to her?

The high-profile murder case of EX NBA player Lorenzen Wright is again in the limelight. He was found dead twelve years ago in 2010. His ex-wife Sherra Wright-Robinson has been facing allegations of his mysterious death.

What has happened?

Her husband discovers dead. He died of excess blood after suffering from gunshot wounds. His wife became the prime suspect after the investigation. The NBA player’s mother accused Wright-Robinson of killing him.
Police got a big lead in 2017 when Wright-Robinson’s cousin, Jimmie Martin, revealed that Wright-Robinson and a man named Billy Ray Turner once planned to kill Wright. They asked Martin to kill him. Both Turner and Wright-Robinson were arrested and charged. Deborah Marion, Lorenzen’s mother, has been struggling for answers about her son’s death.
“With Lorenzen, I’d be talking to his image, and his image would sometimes look at me in a specific manner as if it were him… He was a devoted son to his mother. “It’s as simple as that,” she explained. “If he were here now, he’d still be a momma’s boy.”

Where is Sherra Wright Robinson?

Mr. Wright had been gone for weeks when his body was discovered in a forested area off a quiet street in southeast Memphis, Tennessee. The family expected him to attend his sister’s baby shower, but he did not come; therefore, his mother filed a missing person complaint.

“He was expected to come up at the baby shower.” “I called him all day and he didn’t pick up,” Marion explained.

Marion stated, “I knew God was on my side.” “I wasn’t going to stop working until I died because someone had to pay for the death of my child.”

Another suspect, Turner, has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder.

Turner and Wright Robinson reportedly pled not guilty; however, when the further investigation happened, they admitted to killing him later. She was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to 30 years. 

“She knew she was destined to plummet, plummet, plummet. Way, way down. She wasn’t going to get a couple of years. If the case went to trial, she was going to get some lifetime,” Marion claimed.

“Ms. Sherra, I want to express my gratitude for providing me with my grandchildren,” she stated during the court hearing. “However, I want you to call them and tell them, ‘No, it’s fine to talk to Grandma; Grandma still loves you.’ All I desire are my grandchildren.”

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