Lorenzen Wright Murder Case, Suspect, Cause of Death

Sherra Wright was sentenced to 30 years of death imprisonment, out of which she has served four years of improvement.

One of the highly publicized cases, the murder of an NBA player Lorenzen Wright in 2010, has not been closed. His wife was proven guilty of his death, and thereby she was sentenced to 30 years of jail. Read the article to know if her parole was denied or accepted.

Information about Lorenzen Wright’s death case:

Lore Wright was killed by his wife at 34, using a gun. Lorenzen Wright’s former wife, Sherra Wright, was sentenced to 30 years of Jail imprisonment in 2019. She was charged with causing the death of an innocent person. 

The person she killed was none other than her former husband, Lorenzen Wright, a retired NBA player at the time of his death. The incident took place in 2010. 

Even after several appeals boards decided to deny her departure from jail for obvious reasons, the news was revealed by board spokesman Dustin Krugel. Out of all the seven board members, three members rejected the appeal of her release.

Sherra Wright

The decision of not granting her bail at this point was considerable, as she has performed a severe social crime. The hearing of the case was on May 11 at Nashville court. She and Lorenzen’s two out of six children want her to be released, and hence they stated on her behalf. 

The proper hearing had to be done since the next hearing will be scheduled for May 2027, which is long. Her mother-in-law gave a statement against her for the denial of parole. The court has concluded that they will release her only if she maintains good behavior with the officers.

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