Litzi Botello Died, Cause of Death, Obituary – the legend of port protection.

Port protection is a reality show that aired on Natgeo and captured a remote place in Alaska. This show gives the audience a glimpse into the unsustainable and difficult life of people who inherit here. Litzo Botello was another senior crew member who had worked on this show for about 40 years. Along with her husband, John, two sons named Leland and Johnny survive on this show. Other crew members also accompanied her. Unfortunately, this show has a history of deaths, even Taking the life of Botello and her son. 

Litzi Botello Died
Litzi Botello Died

Untangling the mystery behind the death-

According to sources, this place is haunting as the silence and unavailability of necessities make only hardcore and tough ones embark on this journey; only those people choose to stay because of their harsh living conditions. The place is surrounded by a very cold sea and is a big void, with no basic amenities. And when this place is already horrible, it makes trouble double for Litzo to describe as she lost her son on the midjourn. Her son was found dead due to a car accident. The reported who wasn’t wearing a safety belt on a ride. After the scrutiny details were taken, his Facebook account was private, yet only RIP comments could be detected confirming his acclamation to death.


The story Aftermath-

Litzi Botello lost her life along with her husband and a son. She was a part of this show for 40 years. “ Life below zero”- has been released as a sequel to the port protection series. This show continued for about three seasons. So much about Litzi’s personal life has been unknown to a great extent. We can say that great risk-takers have lost their lives to see Something extraordinary because they know their capability to do Something that an ordinary man can do.

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