Leon J. Bezdikian Cause of death? Founder of Patomack Toy Shop, dies

Birth and death are the cycles of living things on the earth. When any living thing is born and living on the earth, its death is fixed on its head as fate. One day everyone will die and leave close persons in despair. Yes, no one can escape from death, even if he is a millionaire or very poor, even if he is very healthy and sturdy. Everyone will meet their death at some point. 

One such heartbreaking news is that one of the famous business people, Leon J. Bezdikian has lost his life. 

Who is  Leon J. Bezdikian? 

Leon J Bezdikian is the founder of the original Patomack toy shop in George Town. He established the toy shop there and extended his business to other cities by moving to Columbia mall. With all his success and efforts, he expanded his business in famous cities like Harborplace. An efficient businessman was keen on expanding their business and developing entrepreneurship skills. 

What happened to  Leon J. Bezdikian?

The businessman, Leon J Bezdikian, struggled for many days with kidney disease. He was undergoing a lot of prescriptions given by doctors and treatments, but unfortunately, they didn’t work, and he lost his life at age 81. So, unfortunately, such a high-morale man with good business skills passed away on September 15, 2022.

Leon J. Bezdikian’s cause of death:

The cause of the death of Leon J Bezdikian was suffering from kidney disease. After his death, every friend and family member is pouring their memories and condolences into the family. They are sending their prayers and strength to them. It is well known that he was very famous for establishing the toy shop in Columbia mall in the year 1971. He will be missed. 

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