Kota administration aims to de-stress engineering, medical aspirants through its unique carnival

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More than one lakh students from across the country go to Kota every year to enrol in coaching centres for competitive examinations particularly for JEE and NEET. The rigorous schedule and vast syllabus add to the pressure on most students. Burdened by stress, anxiety and depression, it is rarely realised that the students need help.

According to psychiatrist Harish Shetty, who analysed the mental health of students studying in Kota—a small city in Rajasthan, and famous as ‘education city’, a big number of students also battle depression and stress.

Taking note of the pressure faced by students, the Kota administration has launched a carnival to reduce this stress. A two-day event called Kota Carnival (KOCA) in February will address the mental health of the students living in the city for coaching in one of the many institutes running there for the last two decades.

“The multi-objective initiative will benefit students, who have been living away from their families for long. We intend to connect with them, give them an opportunity to socialise and participate in various extracurricular activities,” says Om Prakash Kasera, Kota district collector. “We want students to look beyond books and participate in fun activities such as dance, singing, and mimicry,” says Kasera.

The initiative involves local coaching centres that came forward to support students who are facing depression and stress largely due to the complexity of syllabus and parental expectations. The administration is conducting pre-events called ‘Prelim KOCA’ to shortlist students, who will perform at the main event in February. Nearly 2 lakh students are expected to participate in the two-day event, which will be held on February 1-2, 2020.

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