Kerala Plane Crash: 18 People Killed in Air India Plane breakes In two Parts at Calicut

Kerala Plane Crash

Yesterday An Air India Express plane with 190 people has brakes In two Parts at Calicut in the southern state of Kerala, 18 people killed and hundreds of injured as official says.

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The Boeing 737, coming from Dubai, skidded off the runway because of rain and broke into two parts after landing at Calicut, in the southern state of Kerala.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said he has pained by the plane accident and also said to Kerala CM to check the situation and provide all the facilities to the affected.

According to the Kerala CM (Pinarayi Vijayan), the rescue operation is under process and all the affected people have been taken to hospitals.

Air India also confirmed two pilots were dead and hundreds of injured.

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What Reaction Has There been After Kerala Plane Crash?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a tweet and praying for affected people and express his sympathy towards him.

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan said, “those who lost their loved ones” and express his sympathy towards him.

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