Katumwa Deus Death Video Leaked on Social Media

Katumwa Deus: Social Media- Platforms worth “dying” for

Social media is usually a platform where people share their joys and happy moments in life. However, sometimes it becomes a platform where sadness or death is posted. Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn for professional purposes. Many suicide and sad videos posted on these three platforms often go viral. Slowly, it has become a trend even to show the death of a person online to get the most publicity. Many such cases are observed nowadays, mainly on the famous platform Twitter. One recent video of an individual committing suicide has been viral nowadays online. 

Katumwa Deus’s suicide video has gone viral.

One recent case of suicide video going viral is of Katumwa Deus. Katumwa Deus is the name of a Twitter account that posted a suicide video of a person (it is not clear whether a woman or man) jumping off a building a few hours before. A case has been registered, and the police have started investigating. The local police have not confirmed the reason for suicide or what lead the person to commit suicide. The police are yet to find more about what led her to jump off the building.


Reaction and comments by the netizens

The netizens exploded in the comments ranting about how some people deem human life unimportant. Many have said about how irresponsibly people are living their lives nowadays. Others have further said that people have gone “crazy” and are giving up their lives to get some fame on social media. Several YouTubers from different countries also have reacted to this post and have commented on it as ‘ridiculous’ or ‘prosperous’.

 Some have even criticized the person who took the video and posted it. The netizens severely criticized the cameraman for not stopping her and getting help from others immediately. They have further ridiculed the cameraman for even supporting the suicider for committing his hideous act. 

Netizens and further onlookers further hope that adults behave like adults and use social media responsibly.

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