Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020 (कर्नाटक सप्तपदी विवाह योजना) – Registration Process, Rs. 55,000/-

In the state of Karnataka, many schemes have been implemented for the upliftment of poor people. In this sequence, the Karnataka Government has implemented Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020. Under this scheme, the newly married couples are provided with an amount of Rs. 55000 by the government. The benefit of this scheme is given to the people of poor families of the state who are not able to marry their children well. In this article, we will provide you complete information about Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020, how you can apply, what should be the eligibility, etc. So read this article carefully.

Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020

Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020

Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana was done on 10 January 2020 by the Chief Minister of Karnataka State Shri BS Yeddyurappa. The benefit of this scheme is given to those newly married couples who will go to the temple chosen by the government and get married and this scheme is also called a mass marriage scheme 2020. In addition to the funds, Mangalsutra is also provided to married couples under this Muzrai Mass Marriage Scheme. The amount given under this scheme will be provided only to the people who do love marriage.

कर्नाटक सप्तपदी विवाह योजना 10 जनवरी 2020 को कर्नाटक राज्य के मुख्यमंत्री श्री बीएस येदियुरप्पा द्वारा की गई थी। इस योजना का लाभ उन नवविवाहित जोड़ों को दिया जाता है जो सरकार द्वारा चुने गए मंदिर में जाएंगे और शादी करेंगे और इस योजना को सामूहिक विवाह योजना 2020 भी कहा जाता है। धन के अलावा, विवाहित जोड़ों को मंगलसूत्र भी प्रदान किया जाता है। इस मुजराई सामूहिक विवाह योजना के तहत। इस योजना के तहत दी गई राशि केवल उन लोगों को प्रदान की जाएगी जो प्रेम विवाह करते हैं।

Muzrai Mass Marriage Scheme 2020 – Benefits

Through this scheme, the poor families of the state have to provide support for the wedding expenses. The Government of Karnataka aims to extend the benefit of this scheme to 1000 newly married couples of the state. The benefits of this Muzrai Mass marriage scheme 2020 are only those Couples will be given to those who will marry only in 90-100 temples selected by the government.

Assistance Amount under Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana (KSVY) 2020 

Mangalsutra worth (For Bride) Rs. 4,0000/-
Cash (Groom) Rs. 5,000/-
Cash (Bride) Rs. 10,000/-
Total Assistance  Rs. 55,000/-

Eligibility Criteria for Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Karnataka State.
  • It is mandatory for the bride-groom parents to be present at the time of marriage.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to couples marrying love marriages.
  • To take advantage of the Muzrai Mass marriage scheme, the marriage should take place in the temple selected by the government.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be provided only to marriages of the Hindu religion.
  • For the eligibility of this scheme, the groom’s age of 21 or above and the bride’s age of 18 or above is mandatory.

Registration Process for Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana 2020

The application facility for Karnataka Saptapadi Vivah Yojana is not online, the applicant can apply offline only. For this, the applicant has to go to the nearest temple which is selected by the government. The applicant has to obtain an application form from the temple authority and after this, the applicant will have to fill all the information given in the application form, and then submit the form to the temple authority along with all the documents. After this, a list will be prepared by the government and then you will be married on a fixed date (26 April and 24 May).

Required Documents

  • Address Proof
  • Age Certificate of both 
  • Aadhar Card of the beneficiary
  • Religion certificate of the beneficiary to prove that you are from the Hindi religion.
  • Beneficiary’s parents’ permission letter

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