Who was Julie Beckett? And what has happened to her?

Julie Beckett, who encouraged disabled children in staying at home, died.

Julie Beckett’s daughter, Katie, suffered from health problems in the eighties. Therefore, Beckett had spent months in a gray hospital room with her daughter. The Becketts’ $1 million health insurance coverage was depleted within three years. When they asked for government assistance, the government refused to support funds that the State could not fund for in-home care. Ms. Beckett requested local congressman, Tom Tauke, to see Katie as she feared the possibility of her daughter spending her life in a hospital room that was not affordable for her.
She collected evidence that allowing disabled kids to stay at home was beneficial for low-income families and child development.
She wanted to change the system. Mr. Tauke, a Republican, argued the Becketts’ case on a journey to Iowa with Vice President George Bush. Mr. Bush was really affected by her story, and he alerted President Ronald Reagan.
Reagan picked out the Becketts’ incident during a press conference in November 1981.
“Now, by what sense do we have a regulation in government,” he stated, “that says we’ll pay $6,000 a month to keep someone in a hospital that we believe would be better off at home?”
She urged thousands of families to raise and care for their disabled children at home.


What was the cause of Julie Beckett’s death?

Julie Beckett died on May 13 in Cedar Rapids at g her home. The cause of her death is revealed by her brother John O’Connell. She died of a heart attack.
She utilised the sudden widespread attention to advocate for policy reforms. This advancement has enabled thousands of kids to survive considerably longer lives than otherwise.
“When we have those who are directly affected at the table and able to share our stories, we’re able to put a human face on these issues. We’re going to have all the data, all the policy analysis, and all the experts speaking on these issues, but it really doesn’t bring it home until we can see who is directly affected and humanise those issues. I think Julie and Katie did that expertly.”
Elena Hung, the co-founder of the disability rights organisation Little Lobbyists, stated.
Ms. Beckett quit her job to look after her daughter and became an activist. She toured hospitals giving lectures, campaigning, and training parents of disabled children. After voicing the right of disabled children. The government passed a bill in 2005 that increased Healthcare insurance for disabled children.
“It’s unacceptable to Katie’s memory and people with disabilities across the country that the services I fought so hard for are now being threatened by Republican members of Congress,” she confessed in an interview back in 2017.

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