Joel Estorial: Suspect of the Phillipe journalist murder, finally surrenders, Cause of death

A major breakthrough happened after Joel Estorial surrendered himself to the police on Monday, along with a weapon he used while killing Percival Mabasa, who was shot on October 3.

What happened to Percival Mabasa?

The Philippines journalist Percival Mabasa was shot dead while on his way to the studio on October 3. He was the second Philippine Journalist to be murdered after President Fernadind Marcos Jr took office 

Joel Estorial, the suspect in Mabasa’s murder, finally surrendered to the police after his photo was released to the public with a reward of $110,000 to whoever captured him. He stated that he surrendered in fear for his personal safety. 

Joel Estorial confesses what happened that day:

Joel Estorial was presented to the media on Tuesday wearing a kevlar helmet and a bulletproof vest and confessed, stating that he, along with three of his other companions, was ordered by an unknown person at the national jail to perform the assassination and after they were done they were paid off with  $9,340.

He also stated that he would have been killed if he hadn’t taken part in the killing.

Joel had given the names of his other three assassins -Edmon and Israel Dimaculangan, who are brothers and Orly or  Orlando but has not disclosed the motive nor the name of the mastermind behind the assassin.

Estorial stated that Orlondo was driving, and Israel was shifted in the passenger seat during the day of the murder. 

There was reason to believe that Estoril was the gunman. The gun that Joel Estorial surrendered matched the one from the crime scene 

The family of Mabasa wants complete justice:

The arrest of Joel Estorial brought some hope to the Mabsas family, but they were not satisfied with it. Mabasa’s brother Roy Mabasa hopes that the mastermind behind the murder gets arrested and prosecuted. He further stated that he wanted to meet the suspect himself and investigate.

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