Jedd Cummings Cause of death? Jedd Cummings died in a car crash at age 16

A sad time for Eastern Highschool as their best athlete Jedd Cummings passed away in a car crash this Sunday morning. He was 16 at the time of his demise.

What happened to Jedd Cummings?

Cummings, an athlete from Eastern Greene High School, met with an accident on Sunday morning. It was reported that his vehicle collided and claimed the life of the 16-year-old athlete. The incident took place near South state road 45

He was one of the top players of Eastern Greene:

The young athlete  Jedd Cummings has posted many tributes over social media. Cummings was an excellent player and an important asset to Eastern Greene. By scoring a kickoff 87 yards and a touchdown pass of 50 yards in the last minutes of the first half, Cummings helped the Eastern Greene defeat the North White.

Spring Valley Blackhawk football announced the death of the athlete on their Facebook official page, stating that it was an honor playing with the Eastern Greene team and praising Cummings for his score. They also said to join them in praying for the Cummings family, the Thunderbird football program and the Eastern Greene students and community.

Jedd Cummings Cause of death?

Jedd Cummings passed away in a single-vehicle collision and was declared dead at the crash scene. The exact reason behind the death is yet to be investigated; however, for now, the death of the high school athlete was due to injuries caused by an accident.

Jedd Cummings Obituary:

His family has yet to announce the funeral of the high school athlete of Jedd. The 16-year-old passed away on 9th October in a car crash.

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