Is Papa Jim dead or Alive? Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away

After looking at the title, one question must have come to mind: the news of Papa Jim’s death has not been confirmed yet. Why? Because it is being said that Papa Jim’s death is a rumor spread by a great host of YouTuber whose name is Danny Duncan and his fast friend whose name is Jim Dad. Together, they have won people’s hearts with antics, but the internet gob lining the fake news about the demise of senior citizens from time to time, and this rumor devastating the party. 

How is Papa Jim’s death a rumor?

Last night on Instagram, the video was shared by the great host of you tuber, i.e. Danny Duncan, who is also a close friend of Papa Jim, in which he shows the wellness of Papa Jim’s living means that Duncan told that Jim was not only still alive but also living well. 

Let us tell you information about Daniel Duncan, a famous American YouTube Personality, comedy illustrator, prankster, and a video blogger. Daniel Duncan personally belongs from Englewood, Florida, from where he also graduated from his high school, whose name was Lemon Bay High School, in 2010. Daniel Duncan got his first job at Walgreens. 

Papa Jim dead

Daniel Duncan is 28 years old. At a very young age, he earned fame with 6 million YouTube subscribers and became an owner of his clothing brand company, Virginity Rocks, which he also shares and promotes on some videos on his YouTube channel. 

In March 2014, Daniel Duncan started to upload his videos on his YouTube channel. See Sight by Sight, his YouTube channel, crossed over the 1.2 billion viewers, mentioned as 1,263,317,845. The net worth of Daniel Duncan is nearly around $ 7.5 million.

Who is Papa Jim, and about his death?

Papa Jim is a gentleman whose age is 90 years old. And he frequently watched Daniel Duncan’s videos, and he always participated in work related to antics, from being naked to quad bike riding. And you will surely be surprised to know that Papa Jim is a grandfather of a companion of David Tomchinsky, who is also a Youtuber by profession. And David Tomchinsky is not only a personal assistant of Daniel Duncan but also manages his social media manager. 

There was a rumor that was spread through some misunderstandings after posting a caption of “I miss your father” with a couple of photos, and that captain spread a rumor related to the death of Papa Jim. After this incident, Papa Jim also did not appear in YouTube videos. So people thought and caught RIP Papa Jim on Twitter that was fake news. However, Daniel Duncan confirmed that he is living well and still alive.

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