The Day The Internet Disappears | AREALNEWS

There is no doubt that the internet plays an extremely significant role in the lives of humans all around the world and from all walks of life. As of now, at the very least, five billion residents of Planet Earth are internet users. That makes up to be significantly more than the majority of people in the world! Alongside, according to Statista, there are as many as 35 billion devices connected to the global network right. Both the number of people and the number of devices linked to the internet can be expected to rise in the coming years as the internet becomes more and more accessible to the common man. Yet another measure of the rise of the internet is the number of internet service provision brands, such as Xfinity internet, that have popped up. There are, at the bare minimum, seven thousand of them solely here in the United States of America!

Gauging from the information we stated in the previous paragraph, it is quite obvious that the disappearance of the internet will be a huge deal. As the phenomenon is so impactful in so many different ways, it will be impossible to enlist every way in which the absence of the internet will alter the world. However, after quite a bit of thinking, we have been able to make our listing of the biggest ways in which the disappearance of the internet will change the world. 

A Rise In Paper Usage

So, right now, almost all of the internet and external communication from businesses is done over electronic mail. However, if the internet disappears, letter-writing will again begin to dominate communications in the corporate world. Every small communication will have to be done by consuming a sheet of paper. When it comes to short-run impact, we could expect to have a massive competition for paper amongst businesses. However, the long-run impact would be much scarier. To counter the rise in demand for paper, there would be huge deforestation. After all, trees are the raw material for paper. Deforestation on a huge scale will lead to significant climate changes and global warming. Glaciers can be expected to melt and countries like Bangladesh can be expected to be inundated eventually if deforestation would not be controlled. 

Telecom Systems Overloaded

While the majority of business communication with colleagues and clients alike is done over email, a lot of personal communication with friends and family is done over instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. When the internet goes away, these apps will go away along with it. So, where will all the personal communication traffic move to? Telecom services like cell phones and landlines. Eventually, the telecom systems will be overloaded and may very well break down. Telecom companies can also be expected to respond to changes in demand by jacking up calling rates. 


In the case that you thought that e-mails were the only things starting with an “e” that would cease to exist alongside the internet, that is simply not true. Truth is that e-transfers also completely depend on the internet and they would disappear along with the disappearance of the internet as well. Your credit cards and debit cards previously used for making online payments will be rendered useless. Another sector of the financial world that would be hit badly by the disappearance of the internet is Bitcoin. This is Bitcoin mining can only be done using the internet. 


There are companies that completely depend on the internet for the performance of their core functions. These include the largest ones in the world in terms of net worth and number of employees such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Solely the ones we named add hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy and employ hundreds of thousands of people. The dissolving of all these companies will, without a doubt, lead to the unemployment of all the people working there. 

End of Work From Home

It is no secret that remote work cannot happen without the internet. Not only does an employee working from home need the internet to communicate with their colleagues but they also need it to check what tasks have been assigned to them and to upload their work. 


Hopefully, this article has assisted you in recognizing how important the internet is. The inventors of the global network really do deserve giant amounts of respect.