International conference focuses on gender, identity on February 7 & 8

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PUNE: The Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts (SSLA), in collaboration with DePaul University, will be conducting the second edition of the international gender conference’Identity-Breaking Ground’ on February 7 and February 8. The conference will be held at the SSLA campus in Viman Nagar.

The two-day conference will begin with the track ‘Culture and Identity: Power Structures and Gender Relations’ which will focus on conversations that address the complex entanglement of gender, culture and power.

The panel of speakers will be individuals from South Asian history, communication studies, comparative literature, theatre studies among others, thus allowing for an intersectional dialogue about gender and identity as intertwined cultural artefacts.

Notable speakers such as professor Krishna Menon, dean of the School of Human Studies at Ambedkar University Delhi, whose work revolves around political theories, feminist perspectives and women’s rights, and Professor Ipshita Chanda will converse the function of gender in contemporary political discourses.

The second track, ‘Consumption and Changing Identities: Influence of Industry and Globalisation’ will include conversations on the power of media, advertisement and social movements that have shaped the market economy, consumerism, social behaviour, and its implications on gender.

The speakers for this will cut across the lines of academia and industry, featuring scholars of media studies as well as media professionals and social activists, thus facilitating a theoretical as well as practical exploration of the relations between gender identities and industry logics.

Kunickaa Sadananda, founder of the Tara Charitable Trust and an actress with more than 115 films and 30 TV shows under her belt will feature on this track and provide valuable insight into the various facets of identity in urban industry spaces. The programme is open to all.

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